Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park


♦ Made up of three historic districts (Wyman’s, Morgan’s and Humboldt Island), the park itself was constructed in the early 1900s and was dubbed “Congress Park” but then renamed in 1907 for the Cheesman family who donated funds to construct the park’s iconic pavilion.

♦ The park was originally the site of a cemetery and people with relatives buried there were given 90 days to remove them once the idea of a park began. Because of many unmarked graves, many remains were left in the cemetery during the move process…which is the reason behind many stories of haunting around Cheesman.

♦ Incredible mansions, tree-lined streets and historic charm can be found on every block.

♦ Bordered by Colfax Ave to 8th Ave (north-south) and Downing to York (east-west).