The Vintage Homes: Victorian


The Victorian era extended from the mid to late 19th century and actually covers a number of eclectic architectural revivals, many of which include Middle East and Asian influences. Queen Anne Homes are the most ornate of the Victorians. Known for their asymmetry and use of contrasting materials, these homes typically included extravagant features like massive bay windows, turrets, wraparound porches, exquisite balconies, decorative fish-tail shingle patterns, tall brick chimneys and stained glass. Stick Homes, which are more linear, less formal versions of the Queen Anne, feature decorations like lacy balconies and beaded spindles. Folk Homes were considered the ‘working class’ Victorian style and usually came without the elaborate bay windows, balconies and a variety of decorations. Regardless of the particular style,

Victorians remain in high demand in Denver. Neighborhoods where you’ll find the most Victorians include Baker, Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Congress Park, Curtis Park, Five Points and the Highlands.