Denver square

The Vintage Homes: Denver Square


Known locally as Denver Squares, American Foursquare homes became very popular after the Silver Crash of 1893 and remained en vogue through the late 1930s. Unlike Victorian homes, Denver Squares are known for their less ornate, more utilitarian style. Normally 2½ stories high, they feature a boxy design with four large square rooms on each of two equal-sized main floors. Common features include large front porches, high ceilings, arched entryways, hardwood floors, tile fireplaces, leaded glass windows and built-in cabinets.

By 1908, Sears and Roebuck began shipping Foursquare home kits by train for local builders to construct. As the first modular homes, they came with a base construction cost of just $3,000. Whether they originated from plans by Sears or competitor manufacturers, Foursquare homes (which share many common elements with Craftsman homes) were generally built with high quality materials, and most homeowners of the day took it upon themselves to add their own distinctive design touches. Today, they remain a popular local home choice that’s relatively easy to update and remodel. You’ll find most Denver Squares in Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, City Park, Denver Country Club, Highlands, North Congress Park, Platt Park and Uptown.